Rory McNamara
& The Ring of Truth Trio

Ring of Truth Website

Rory McNamara arrived in the USA from England in the 1970's and became part of San Francisco's folk music revival. Over the years he has led several touring ensembles and released 5 albums.  Though he retains his British accent his style  has pure American roots. "Rory has a voice akin to aural comfort food – congenial, emotionally satisfying, full of soul and pleasing to the ears. A voice you want to listen to over and over again."

Henry Nagle is an ace pedal steel and guitar player who excels at unwarranted hypothesizing. He is featured in many  ensembles including Chelsea Set, Eight Belles & Killer Views.

Roxanne Oliva is an accordionist, composer, and Celtic music teacher. As a multi-instrumentalist, Roxanne has appeared on over 30 albums with various luminaries including Paddy Keenan and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Tom Waits.