Thee Hobo Gobbelins
with Skyler Fell

From deep within the confines of the city sewers, and the darkness beneath your bed, Thee Hobo Gobbelins slash and jangle their path into your skull. They weave a wickedly catchy mixture of ancient pirate curses, orcish vaudeville, and eldritch hobo semaphore.

I remember well the day it all began; it was back in the summer of ’03, on the fetid prairie of Gorgoroth, that their ebon-striped demonic boxcar was hitched to the devil’s train. And wherever they stop, strange things tend to happen: Clowns that bite! Dead things! Cultist goblins! Flying stuff! The Hobo Gobbelins emerge from the pulsing art vortex of Oakland, Ca., the green-skinned child of punk rock, avant-garde performance art and hobo soul. Drawing on a dizzying array of influences, the band incorporates traditional sounds of Americana and the Old World with the horrors of modernity. Monsters from folklore and fiction wriggle alongside freight-train spirituals and drinking songs. The result is a disturbing haunted house for the ear, a nightmare carnival that is at turns goofy and murderous.

Human audiences drink more, dance better, and writhe uncontrollably to goblin beatings- er, beats. Incidentally, audience is the goblin word for “food that screams.” We can play anywhere, on a rooftop or a desert, with or without a P.A. We’re all very nice, but will possibly make you uncomfortable.

Performers include: Professor Plague, Mr. Gomper, Skyler Fell, Malady Maleficent, Miasma, Buba Tuba, Dewey Zomblin, esq.

It is now possible to purchase two of our previous releases online! Click the link to purchase our 2008 EP “Vermin!”

And here you can find our 2009 full-length album “Deep Ones”!

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